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  • Mohamed Aslam

An Odyssey of Unforeseen Adventures: Greece to Belgium


Our meticulously planned 5-day vacation to Greece, commencing on November 1, 2023, from Brussels Charleroi Airport, promised to be an exhilarating escape for our group of four intrepid travelers - Aslam, Smita, Imran, and Ruksar. Our itinerary included the alluring islands of Corfu and Santorini. Little did we anticipate the unforeseen twists and turns that would characterize this journey.

Day 1: A Glimpse of Corfu Our voyage commenced with an early morning flight from Brussels to Corfu. Setting foot on Corfu's soil, we soon discovered the budget-friendly delights of car rentals on the island. For a mere 30 Euros per day, we acquired an automatic car that would be our ticket to exploring the island's wonders.

Corfu, though relatively compact, boasts an abundance of beauty. The day was dedicated to the island's stunning beaches and a venture into its charming cityscape. With nightfall, we ventured to the airport to catch our flight to Santorini, booked through Aegean Airlines.

Day 2: Athens Adventures Aegean Airlines threw us a curveball when they delayed our flight, causing us to miss our Athens connection. The airline made amends by offering us accommodation in Athens and a promise of a luxurious 5-star stay. However, the Divani Acropolis Hotel did not meet our expectations and, regrettably, had a noticeable odor.

Day 3: Santorini's Tranquility Our morning flight to Santorini treated us to awe-inspiring vistas as we touched down on the island. Our chosen accommodations at Hotel Dallidaz, a captivating cave dwelling, lent an authentic experience to our stay. The decision to rent quad bikes for 70 Euros over two days opened up avenues of exploration.

We devoted ourselves to exploring Red Sea Beach and the enchanting Oia, immersing ourselves in the unrivaled beauty of Santorini. The newly opened Choice Restaurant catered to our breakfast cravings.

Day 4: Athens - The Capital Encounter We revisited Athens, this time opting for apartment accommodations. We delved into the city's vibrant markets and undertook a visit to the iconic Acropolis. A notable hiccup was our decision to walk to the Acropolis instead of utilizing the convenient direct metro connection.

Our time in Athens was marked by challenges as we encountered locals employing deceptive tactics to exploit tourists, casting a shadow on our perception of the city.

Day 5: The Homeward Saga Our return journey was anything but straightforward. We opted for a return to Brussels via Aegean Airlines with a connection in Podgorica, encountering turbulence and delays along the way. Unexpectedly, due to adverse weather conditions, our flight diverted back to Athens.

Unable to secure a prompt connection from Podgorica to Brussels, we had to book a flight with Austrian Airlines. Our journey took us through Vienna and Frankfurt, concluding with a five-hour drive back to Brussels.

Conclusion: Our Greek odyssey transformed into a test of patience and resilience. Despite the myriad challenges that we encountered, we managed to savor the beauty of Corfu, Santorini, and Athens, creating indelible memories that will resonate with us forever. Although we may not have anticipated this level of adventure, our trip will surely become a story we cherish, serving as a reminder that travel often unfurls a tapestry of surprises, both pleasant and adverse.

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